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The range of services available to patients of Best Friends Animal Clinic include:

Wellness Care
The gradual onset of health problems in an apparently healthy pet often goes unnoticed. Once symptoms appear, the condition may be more difficult or costly to diagnose and treat. Although age itself is not a disease, it can bring many conditions that, if diagnosed early, can be completely reversed or controlled for extended periods of time. At least once a year, your pet should have a complete physical examination. Remember, one calendar year equals about seven years in your pet’s aging process. Many things can change in 12 months.

Vaccination against Preventable Diseases
Due to the many recent discoveries and innovations in veterinary medicine, your pet can be protected from many major infectious diseases. Today, many immunizations and preventive treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. Vaccination is not a ‘one size fits all’ procedure and here at Best Friends Animal Clinic, we examine your pet’s risk of exposure and choose the appropriate vaccination schedules.

Heartworm Testing/Prevention
Nevada County has a severe heartworm problem. It is a potentially fatal disease that affects both dogs and cats. We can test your pet for heartworm and provide an appropriate preventive medication. The cure for the disease in dogs has far fewer side effects than in previous years, and is recommended for almost every dog that tests positive for it. Cats that test positive are managed with medications to control the symptoms of heartworm infection.

Tick-borne Disease
In Nevada County, tick season is the cool, wet winter months. We are finding many dogs testing positive to Lyme. Dogs can be tested for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasma (tick-borne diseases) with a simple in-hospital blood test. Prevention of the disease is the most important step with vaccination and topical tick preventatives.

Fecal Exam for Intestinal Parasites
Yearly fecal testing for parasites such as roundworm, hookworm and whipworm are strongly recommended. Not only can these parasites affect your pet’s health, but they can be devastating to small children who can contract the parasites from your pet’s feces.

Feline Leukemia/Immunodeficiency Virus testing
Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are two of the major causes of illness and death in domestic cats. Best Friends Animal Clinic has in-hospital testing for these viruses. Whenever you bring a new cat into the home, FeLV/FIV testing should always be done. Outdoor cats that become ill should also be retested even if they are vaccinated. Vaccination for FeLV with the Merial PureVax should be performed on all outdoor cats. This non-adjuvanted vaccine is injected into the cats skin with a needle-less air pressure system (VetJet) that does not create the type of inflammation that is known to cause the vaccine related fibrosarcoma cancer. Vaccination for FIV is not recommended by Best Friends Animal Clinic and is not performed here.

Animals, like people, need regular dental care. Gum disease causes pain, accounts for the loss of teeth, and can lead to serious generalized bacterial infections that can affect other organs in the body. Our physical exams include a thorough examination of the mouth. Teeth cleaning and polishing is an important step in preventing dental problems.

We have a high quality X-ray machine that produces excellent radiographs. Radiographs are essential for diagnosing certain medical and surgical problems, and are performed routinely. Ultrasound exams of the abdomen are available to evaluate the size and shape of the abdominal organs such as the liver, kidneys and spleen. Ultrasound exams for pregnant animals are also available.

Laboratory testing plays an integral role in the early detection of changes in your pet’s health. We have state-of-the-art in-hospital diagnostic equipment to test blood chemistries, electrolytes, thyroid hormone and blood cell analysis. Diagnostic tests provide essential information by which our veterinarians can identify blood disorders, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection, cancer, thyroid disease and other hormonal problems. Our extensive laboratory provides fast and accurate information that is necessary for the appropriate treatment of your pet’s condition.

General & Orthopedic Surgery
Our hospital is equipped to perform most surgical procedures, from spays and neuters to major soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair. We do have board certified surgeons available for more complicated surgeries. We take anesthesia very seriously and provide comprehensive pre-anesthetic testing and anesthetic monitoring.

We carry an inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical items, supplies and medications. Most medications are now available as flavored liquids, chewable treats and occasionally as transdermal preparations. These special preparations are particularly useful for pets who are difficult to medicate.

A microchip is a tiny passive electronic device about the size and shape of a grain of rice. It is implanted beneath a pet’s skin between the shoulder blades and stays there for the pet’s entire life. This procedure is as easy and as painless as a vaccination. Each microchip has a unique number.  Most veterinarians and animal shelters have electronic scanners for detecting and reading these implanted microchips. If a lost pet is found, and the microchip is scanned, the manufacturer is called, and the owner is contacted. Once a chip is found, it takes just a few minutes to obtain the owner’s contact information.

Nutrition Management
We stock a range of prescription pet diets. Over many years our doctors have developed great confidence in these diets as an adjunct to the treatment of a variety of diseases including those affecting the kidney, heart and liver. Additionally, there are diets for obesity and allergy which have been shown to help the healing process. Any diet that we do not stock may be special-ordered or through our online store.

Pain Management
Cats and dogs rarely show pain as one might expect from a person. They often internalize pain until they cannot compensate for it anymore. They best way to treat surgical pain is before it happens with balanced, preemptive pain medication. We provide aggressive, preemptive pain management for every animal undergoing an invasive procedure. Animals with chronic pain, such as from arthritis, can have their quality of life greatly improved with a multi-faceted approach of weight loss, regular exercise, dietary joint supplements and anti-inflammatory medications.

Best Friends Animal Clinic offers discounted services to senior citizens and local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rescue group discounts - please call us for more information.


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  • "Dr. Strolle is the nicest vet I have ever used. 100% recommend this team."
    - Theresa Ginotti-Haleen
  • "Thorough and gentle! It’s such a tough thing to deal with when our pets are hurting. The staff and Dr were phenomenal! Hope to not be back soon but I know Noki will be taken care of with love if needed."
    - Jen Slack
  • "I just moved to the area three months ago with a 16-year-old dog. We’ve been to Best Friends more than I’d like, but so grateful to have such informed, compassionate Veterinarians to work with. The front desk and Vet Techs are also terrific!"
    - Jaime Alexis Stathis